Private Lessons and Critique for Aspiring Artists. Lecture Series

For visitors to our area, and our regular participants who wish some individual instruction and guidance, we are happy to arrange a special class for you or your group. Teens welcomed in private lessons with the participation of a responsible adult. To arrange a special private lesson with our staff of professional artists email or call 828-776-2716. Tuition will be required in advance via online invoicing that we will send to you or payment at the studio in advance. See options below.

Professional consultation and critique with Fleta Monaghan—$75 per hr., one hr. minimum for professional development consultation and personal critique and goal setting. See below if you wish a hands on experience. Payment must be made in advance. Limited availability, so no refunds for cancellations unless there is snow and ice.

Encaustic basics and special topics for experienced students: Private and semi private lessons in Encaustic methods with Bridget Benton can be arranged if you wish an individual course or instruction at the time you are visiting WNC. Advance reservation is recommended and usually required to ensure class for you. 3-hour minimum, $325 for the first person, $225 for each additional person for an intensive 3 hours plus $25 per person for all materials.  For a full day 10-4 class with Bridget Benton  the fee is: For one : $475 plus $30 materials, 10-4 with a lunch break, For two : $750 plus $60 for materials, 10-4 with a lunch break

We can customize your encaustic class with special topics for both beginners and advanced students in our Private and semi private classes. Please contact us regarding topics you wish to cover beyond the basics.

3-8 people can also be accommodated, inquire about fees. Class will be held at the classroom of 310 ART. For additional hours please ask for rates. Email to request a reservation.

All Mediums: Hands On Private or semi private (up to three people) lesson with award winning artist Lorelle Bacon, any medium, Specialties include Landscapes, Scratchboard, Portrait Painting, Realistic Animal Portraits, private individual instruction and more. $145 per person for two hrs minimum. An additional $65 per hour for lessons over the 2 hour minimum if instructor is available. Add $25 per person if you wish materials to be provided (oils, acrylics, watercolor, scratchboard). For other types of materials the fee may vary. Private rates are for one to three participants. Special rates for 4 or more participants and special 4 hr workshops can be scheduled for your group or family in any media and subject with advanced notice and availibility of instructor. Great for a vacation experience in the arts district! It is recommended that you schedule in advance, and prepayment is required.

Experimental Watercolor: Explore special techniques and bring your watercolor to a new level with award winning artist Nadine Charlsen. Hands on private and semi private lessons (up to three participants). Specialties include Landscapes, Architecture, and dramatic lights and darks. Rework pieces you already have or start new ones.  $145 per person for two hrs. minimum. $65 for each additional hour up to 6 hours/day.  Add $25 per person if you wish materials to be provided. For one to three participants. Special rates for 4 or more participants and special 4 hr workshops can be scheduled for your group or family, provided the instructor is available. Great for a vacation experience in the arts district! It is recommended that you schedule in advance, and prepayment is required. Fun and easy techniques to recapture your lost work or find new paths.

Painting with Beer, Nadine Charlsen instructor: Enjoy a fun mini workshop using dark beer and watercolor as your paints. Asheville's dark beer gives a vintage look to small mountain landscapes you will create in this 2 hour hands on experience. All Materials provided. You must preregister by calling or emailing. 828-776-2716 or Tuition: For small groups our rates are $145 per person, which includes materials.  For larger groups of  6-10 participants, $90 per person, 11 or 12 participants, $85 per person.  This is a fun experience for conference and tour group participants. NOTE: Beer and watercolor are the paints used in this class. We do not serve alcohol but you can get a glass of beer at the famous Wedge Brewery located behind our studio after class if you wish!

Lecture Series with Fleta Monaghan
Presentations include a slide talk and following question and answer discussion. Book in advance for your group by calling 828-776-2716 or emailing A contract from your group and a deposit is required.
For Buncombe County the fee is $150. Outside of Buncombe County the fee is $200 up to 50 miles. For up to 100 miles the fee is $225. Optional hands on may be scheduled for an additional fee. Talk and discussion aprox 1 1/2 -2 hrs or longer for lively discussion if time permits. Equipment is provided, including computer, projector and screen if necessary. Handouts will be email to participants after the class if they wish that includes study guides.
If your group would like a talk on a special topic, please contact Fleta Monaghan regarding the possiblilty of something for your group specifically. Additional fees may apply for specialty topics for your group.
Natures Pigments and Beyond
This talk will focus on a historical overview of artist's pigments and how traditions have changed over the centuries, especially since around 1850. We will take a look at how pigments behave and how artists can use these "personalities" to their advantage in the subjects they wish to paint. Included is how to read the tube labels, effective ways to set up a palette, red/yellow/blue basics, the problem with black pigments and high tinting strength pigments (and the advantages), the issues with greens and how to get the most for your money when purchasing paints. 
Abstract Art - What's it all About?
Often we hear comments such as, “My kid could paint that!” when those unfamiliar with abstract art see work in museums or galleries. So, what is it all about? This discussion will touch on the development of the abstract genre since the 19th century and what is happening today focusing on the roots of abstraction and how it has impacted art in the United States. Why is All art abstract, and what does abstraction have in common with more understood subjects such as landscapes and portraiture. How can realist artist benefit from understanding the foundations of abstraction. This talk will include a slide presentation and question and answer time.